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BlockApps Blockchain Developer Training – Coming To A Town Near You

First BlockApps Blockchain Developer Training Open To The Public

On June 15th and 16th, in conjunction with research and education company BlockMatics, we conducted its first open-to-the-public enterprise blockchain training course at the Barclay’s Rise New York accelerator space. Leading up to this first of its kind event, we had four of our in-house blockchain experts develop the core training materials and deliver content based on four main areas with a hands on approach.

  • General blockchain principles
  • Solidity smart-contract language crash course
  • How to use the BlockApps Enterprise Ethereum blockchain stack
  • Building a Proof-of-Concept

Over the course of two full days of training, attendees had their names etched into eternity as being official BlockApps Enterprise Blockchain Certified on the public Ethereum blockchain.

Day 1:

Starting off bright and early at 9:00AM, the attendees rolled in for a few hours of broad education on what blockchains do, how they work on a high level and learned a bit about the differences between the public Ethereum net, other blockchains and BlockApps specific Enterprise Ethereum standards and how they can be applied to business use-cases.

Towards the end of the training day, which went until 5:00PM, the introduction to Solidity and smart-contract programming best practices began. As we focused on providing an interactive environment, lots of really great questions were asked regarding how smart contracts interact with the outside world, oracles and what strengths and shortcomings existing smart contract languages have.

Day 2:

At the end of Day 1, the students were given a homework assignment to begin work on a proof of concept “passport registry” smart contract and had the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and complete any parts of the homework they weren’t able to finish on their own with the help of the instructors.

The remainder of Day 2 was largely focused on advanced Solidity specifics and using the BlockApps STRATO toolsets to create automated workflows for the creation and updates of the smart contracts and reporting.

Upcoming Training Events

We are looking forward offering continued and ongoing blockchain developer training in the New York City area, as well as other regions throughout the U.S. and beyond. There will be several updated announcements in the near future for additional Summer dates.

If you are interesting in hosting a BlockApps Blockchain Developer Training course in your region, please reach out to us directly at and we will happy to discuss.

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