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We’re Hiring – Platform Test Engineer

BlockApps is the leading enterprise blockchain platform built on Ethereum. We are a fast paced startup with a strong customer focus. We are rapidly growing and are currently looking for a full-time Quality Assurance Engineer. If you want to be a part of one of the fastest growing, most talked about and potentially disruptive technologies [...]

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We’re Hiring – Client Facing Javascript Developer

Overview BlockApps is looking for a talented JavaScript developers to join the team. BlockApps builds enterprise blockchains and provides tools to make building blockchain applications fast and straight forward. We need an experienced developer who can be client facing while also contributing to our tools and help design good patterns for this cutting edge field. [...]

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We’re Hiring – Field Services Engineer

Join the growing number of Blockchain experts on the BlockApps team and become one of the first Field Engineers to scale our business. You will be a key part of the solutions engineering and delivery team responsible for building applications driven by highly visible and sponsored business use-cases, using and extending our BlockApps platform. You [...]

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We’re Hiring – Backend Developer

BlockApps is building a next generation platform on the blockchain. Our product touches multiple technologies, and we are looking for polyglots to help us build up a new and exciting platform. The core is a real-time global p2p network for contracts, finances, distributed corporations, and artists to securely collaborate (this is the promise of the [...]

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We’re Hiring – V.P. of Sales

What if I told you Blockchain could change everything? Those aren't our words, they're the words of thought leaders across many industries such as Goldman Sachs, Accenture, and Microsoft just to name a few. The adoption of Blockchain technology by large companies and next generation startups alike is almost unprecedented, and arguably one of the [...]

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