Releasing the BlockApps STRATO Developer Edition With New Management Dashboard!

As our customers have used BlockApps STRATO to build blockchain applications, one bit of feedback we have consistently heard from them is that they’d like a visualization of what their applications are doing. We believe that having a clear and comprehensive view into what your blockchain actually does is vital, and makes the business-case for [...]

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BlockApps Debuts Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Management Prototype at Consensus Hackathon 2017

In an effort to continue to build our blockchain solutions and products geared towards the growing demands of a global market, BlockApps has unveiled a Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Management (SCM) prototype which focuses on the methodology surrounding supply chain and logistics. From the perspective of a manufacturing business as a sample use-case, we made this [...]

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Real Time Smart Contract Insights Now Available With BlockApps Analytics Engine Cirrus

Adding another layer of power and usability to our BlockApps STRATO platform, BlockApps would like to introduce our users to Cirrus. A feature of the BlockApps STRATO Platform, Cirrus enables users to expose crucial smart contract business data by using a simple RESTful API that accepts SQL style query parameters. As a search tool, Cirrus [...]

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Try The Latest BlockApps STRATO Release v1.3 On The Azure Marketplace

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the BlockApps STRATO platform on the Azure marketplace. This BlockApps STRATO release v1.3 provides several enhancements including: Fixes to our RESTful web API on an HTTP (port 80) endpoint for querying the blockchain compiling and uploading contracts A new search insights feature to query your smart [...]

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