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STRATO for Agriculture

Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Produce more Food and Less Waste

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Agribusiness blockchain network transforming the Future of the Agricultural Industry.

The first blockchain solution of its kind to track and trace the full lifecycle of agricultural products starting at the seed source.

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Top Industry Challenges

The agriculture and food industry is poised for disruption, as it must face the dual challenge of meeting a growing population’s needs and working under growing regulation and unpredictable climate conditions.

Feeding the World’s Growing Population

  • Producing Higher Yields and Reducing Waste

  • Supporting Smallholder Farmers

  • Improving Food Traceability to Drive Safety and Build Consumer Trust

Bolstering Financial Systems

  • Improving Land Management and Registration Systems

  • Protected Pricing to Buffer from Price Volatility

  • Driving more Effective Subsidies

Dealing with an Unpredictable Climate

  • Using Tech to Protect Farms from Natural Disasters

  • Improving Insurance for Agricultural Enterprises

  • Adopting Sustainable Practices without Losing Productivity (e.g. Precision Fertilizer to limit Nitrogen use)

Efficiently Integrating New Technology

  • Integrate New Farm Management Software (FMS) with Legacy Systems

  • Accelerate a Slow Adoption Curve

  • Building a Database to enable Data-Driven Decision Making

BlockApps’ STRATO platform is a blockchain solution uniquely equipped to build a productive, efficient, and sustainable network for the agriculture and food industry.

Agriculture Blockchain Solutions & Resources

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Ag Supply Chain Management (SCM)
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Bayer CropScience’s Work on the Agricultural Supply Chain with STRATO

Bayer CropScience uses TraceHarvest to track its grain product from origin to end using STRATO. Read more about the seed traceability initiative.

BlockApps’ Track and Trace Application

Track and trace is a generic asset tracking application that can be installed on a STRATO blockchain network.

Track and trace comes with a built in “widget” asset that can represent any physical good (e.g. grain, food, or livestock) OR digital/financial asset (e.g. loan, payout, or subsidy) as a smart contract.

BlockApps’ Track and Trace application can build traceable end-to-end supply chains for agriculture, which would drive food safety, traceability, consumer trust, and create industry standards. It can also, through its smart contracts, track and automate the movements financial or digital assets such as subsidies, providing the oversight to ensure precise and proper application of such goods.

  • Hybrid Corn Seed (Bags and Pallets), Soybean Seed (Bags, Pallets and Bulk Containers, Bulk Bags), Alfalfa Seed (Bags)

  • Water Resources

  • Adjuvants (Jugs, Boxes, Pallets, Shuttles and Drum)

  • Fertilizer (Bulk bags, Truck delivery, custom application from an Ag Retailer)

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  • NH3 in Bulk Tank Deliveries & NH3 Empty Tank Returns

  • Harvested Fruits and Vegetables

  • Herbicides (Jugs, Boxes, Pallets, Shuttles and Drums), Insecticides (Bulk shuttles and tote), Fungicides (Jugs, Boxes, Pallets, Shuttles and Drums)

  • Agricultural Subsidies and Transactions

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Top Industry Solutions


Digitize Land Registration

Traditionally manual land registration systems have created a dearth of data, and rendered the land transfer process delayed, costly, and inefficient.


Food Safety Processes

The lack of traceability in the food supply chain allows for operational errors and fraud, which in turn drive unnecessary and exorbitant food recalls.



Tracefood facilitates seamless and end to end traceability of food supply chain with inventive blockchain solutions devised by leading blockchain developers. We strive to set fresh paradigms in the fresh produce industry with our progressive Blockchain deliverables.


Reduce Fertilizer Waste

40-80 percent of fertilizer is lost to the environment, largely driven by manual and lagging systems which are unable to provide oversight on lost product and waste.

STRATO for Agricultural Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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Learn From Our Expert

BlockApps’ Sid Siefken has rich experience in the agriculture industry, which he leverages to advise and support our agriculture clients and partners.

Sid is always learning about and verifying the unique abilities of blockchain to drive success for agricultural enterprises. 

Sid values the input of all industry members and is available to help you determine the feasibility and value of a blockchain solution for your agriculture-related company, network or industry vertical.

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Inquiries are sent directly to Sid

BlockApps Agriculture Partner Network

BlockApps’ extensive partner network includes various agriculture, food, and AgTech companies whose expertise combines to leverage blockchain solutions for all interested enterprises.

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World AgriTech Innovation 2021 Summit

March 9, 2021 - March 10, 2021

USDA Blockchain Task Force Meeting

March 10, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

TraceHarvest Industry Meeting

March 16, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

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