BlockApps is proud to announce the release of STRATO 5.0 – including SolidVM, a pluggable virtual machine.

With SolidVM, STRATO users can now enjoy:

  • Easier management of real-world enterprise data (i.e. long data strings)
  • Faster smart contract data processing
  • Easier smart contract debugging and analytics capabilities

SolidVM also represents a significant step in Blockchain-as-a-Service capabilities by allowing STRATO users to choose their VM, making a new layer of the STRATO stack “pluggable”.

The Pluggable SolidVM

SolidVM is a new blockchain virtual machine built for STRATO to enhance the existing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for better performance and debugging.

All transactions on the blockchain are processed by a central “brain”, which by default is a component called the Ethereum Virtual Machine (“EVM”).

The EVM works well for processing most smart contracts; however, there may be some circumstances where a user would want to select an alternate way of processing the transaction information. STRATO now contains an alternate “pluggable” VM which is Solidity-based (called SolidVM), which can also be selected as the interpreter for the contract.

STRATO users have the option to choose between SolidVM and EVM on their network. Why choose SolidVM?

With SolidVM

Before SolidVM

Process real-world data

Not all data fits in 32 bytes.  Long-form data fields such as ID numbers, email addresses or client balances are no longer limited by their length

All data types are variable length (int, string, bytes can all take an arbitrary length data, and are not limited by 32 bytes, etc) Data types are limited by 32 byes

Faster data processing

STRATO network latency is improved with SolidVM’s processing capabilities

Solidity contracts – especially complex ones – are processed faster Solidity contracts are processed at standard EVM speeds

Human-readable smart contracts

Smart contracts are stored in their original format, making them human-readable and easier to debug

Stores Solidity contracts in their original format and logs Solidity events Solidity contracts are stored as byte code and must be translated into human-readable formats

Just add the flag

STRATO 5.0 users can start using SolidVM by adding a simple flag to their contracts:

“metadata”:{“VM”: “SolidVM”}

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STRATO 5.0 – aka ‘5TRATO‘ – also contain bug fixes and improvements to the OAuth capabilities of STRATO. Read the full release notes here.

  • SMD dashboard updated to integrate OAuth support
  • New Nginx logs format for better debugging
  • External Storage backward compatibility added for STRATO 4.5.1 and below
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