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Asset Tracking & Supply Chain Management

with BlockApps STRATO

Industry Solutions
Track & Trace App
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Industry Solutions

Track & Trace Application

Track & Trace is a generic asset tracking application that can be installed on a STRATO blockchain network.

The application has four different user roles built-in that correspond to a generic supply chain:

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Fortune 500 companies like Bayer and BHP Billiton leverage STRATO’s track-and-trace to build their enterprise solutions.


Confidential Client Project

BHP Billiton

Mining Sample Tracking

BHP Billiton uses Track and Trace to track their mining samples from their extraction in the field to the testing laboratory

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Knowledge Base

One of the key benefits of blockchain technology is its ability to track scarce assets in an incredibly reliable manner. Asset tracking is a core element of many business operations and especially supply chain management.

Core Challenges

  • Conflicting reports from different systems

  • Locating & tracking assets

  • Getting timely updates on asset status

  • Verifying product provenance & integrity

  • Managing a portfolio of unique asset

Key Solutions

  • Synchronized & connected  systems

  • Precise location information

  • Real-time status updates

  • End-to-end traceability

  • Robust asset data standards

Why Blockchain?

On it’s own, just any blockchain technology is not enough to solve these tough problems.

To us, the real question is…


Thought Leadership

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