BlockApps’ team member Brian Smocovich was featured on FutureTech, a podcast about technology that is ‘right around the corner’.


Earlier this month, Brian Smocovich, Internal Sales Representative at BlockApps, spoke with FutureTech’s host Juliet Lamar about the past, present, and future of blockchain applications. Listen to it here [12 minutes]

In the podcast, Brian covers a variety of blockchain topics:

  • A summary of what BlockApps does—including the BlockApps STRATO platform, the cloud-agnostic approach, and RESTful API capabilities 
  • His favorite blockchain success stories from clients, including our work with Upgraded and BHP Billiton
  • Projections for how blockchain will impact enterprises 
  • A few details about himself – including how he came to BlockApps and his experience so far!


If you love podcasts, we hope you will give it a listen and tell us what you think! But if you are more of a reader, here are some sound bites from the discussion.


1. About BlockApps

“We were the first Blockchain as a Service company to become official partners with Microsoft Azure, Red Hat, AWS, and Google – which makes us cloud agnostic – meaning we can spin up our service on any of these providers.


We delivered the first [ever] production blockchain solution for a Fortune 500 company alongside Consensys. The company was BHP Billiton, the world’s second largest mining organization. We helped design and build a supply chain application to track geological core samples.”


2. On the future of blockchain:

I don’t think there is going to be ‘one blockchain to rule them all’. I think you will find blockchain technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA [working] hand-in-hand with private blockchains to make efficiencies for enterprises.”


Supply chain is probably the most prominent industry right now in terms of use cases and blockchain potential”


Within the next 3 years… we are going to build as many applications we can. We’re just trying to build the actual use cases that are going to be used by enterprises every day.”

3. Personal notes, from Brian to you:

[Blockchain] lit a fire within me that I haven’t ever experienced with another technology… I genuinely believe that blockchain is going to change the way we do business and interact with the world”

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to us and chat! There are no stupid questions. We understand that there is a steep learning curve associated with blockchain, and everyone needs to start somewhere!”

Oh, and one last quote:

“We’re hoping to expand greatly; right now we are about 25 people. I could easily see us being between 100 or 200 people within the next 3 years”


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About BlockApps

BlockApps is the world’s first Blockchain as a Service company with customers ranging from  Startups to Fortune 500 organizations, including John Hancock, Minsheng Insurance and BHP Billiton. Our mission is to drive the adoption of blockchain technology through our platform,  BlockApps STRATO.

Customers have used BlockApps STRATO to build solutions for finance, insurance, supply chain, energy, healthcare, and many more. BlockApps is also a founding board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which is the world’s largest open source enterprise blockchain project with over 500 members including Microsoft, Intel, BNY Mellon, JPMorgan, CME Group, and Santander.