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2019 STRATO Track and Trace Demo

Track and trace is a generic supply chain application that runs on STRATO. The application has four different user roles built in that correspond to a generic supply chain – Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, and Regulators.

In this applications, a few generic supply chain events are built in:

  • Manufacturers create assets and request bids for their purchase
  • Distributors then bid on these assets
  • Manufacturers accept a bid and launch a smart contract to track the fulfillment of this order.

Distributors can then repeat this process for sale to Retailers, all while Regulators have visibility into all bids and transactions in real-time.

This application takes advantage of STRATO’s built-in features for managing privacy, governance, and authentication in order to create the four distinct roles in the network with proper permissions and visibility.

In this demo, Lior takes us through the first steps of asset tracking in the track and trace application:

  1. Creating an order as a manufacturer
  2. Bidding on it as a distributor
  3. Accepting the bid again as a manufacturer
  4. Finally, he shows the regulator’s view of the entire process

Supply Chain Management with Blockchain

It’s no secret that SCM is a high-value use case for blockchain technology. Fortune 500 companies like Bayer and BHP Billiton leverage STRATO’s track-and-trace to build their enterprise solutions.

We call our demo “track-and-trace” because it addresses two unique challenges for supplier networks:

  1. Track – Easily review or update information about who has assets are and the what lifecycle state they’re in
  2. Trace – Accurate and timely information about asset provenance (where it came from)