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New STRATO Track & Trace DEMO Video

Watch the new demo video of the Track & Trace app that runs on BlockApps STRATO

Back by Popular Demand.
following our 2019 demo

This demo is a full walkthrough of the app, including:

  • Full lifecycle tracking of the asset from creation to bidding and final exchange
  • STRATO’s latest built-in privacy features for data security and visibility
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) and authorization features
  • Asset provenance from a regulatory perspective

BlockApps NEW 2020 Track & Trace Demo
In this demo, Sid introduces the key features then Samrit takes us hands-on through the asset exchange and tracking process in the track and trace application.

Supply Chain Management with STRATO

In this demo we use HERBICIDE as an example asset and watch how it travels down the value chain:

Key Components of Track & Trace Demo

Smart Contracts
Assets in track & trace are represented by smart contracts. The herbicide asset in this demo is represented by a smart contract containing its key characteristics.

Creating the Asset
Manufacturers create and lists a herbicide asset and includes custom fields to track EPA registration, GTIN, and other industry-standard identifiers

Bid & Exchange
1. Distributors make private bids for this herbicide asset
2. Manufacturers accept a bid and launch a smart contract to track the exchange record and fulfillment of the order

Distribution & Application
Distributors can then repeat this process for sale to downstream Retailers.
Bids and other private information are kept that way by using private chains.

Data Visibility (Private Chains)
Privacy is built into track & trace, and information like the price is kept confidential and secure as the asset exchanges hands.

Dashboard and Compliance
All the while, Regulators have visibility into all bids and transactions in real-time.
All parties can see the blockchain “back end” of their respective data visibility from the Management Dashboard.

Simple Login (SSO) & OAuth)
All users have simple and secure login options with enterprise-grade OAuth and SSO built-in.

It’s no secret that SCM is a high-value use case for blockchain technology. Fortune 500 companies like Bayer and BHP Billiton leverage STRATO’s track-and-trace to build their enterprise solutions.

We call our demo “track-and-trace” because it addresses two unique challenges for supplier networks:

  1. Track – Easily review or update information about who has assets are and the what lifecycle state they’re in
  2. Trace – Accurate and timely information about asset provenance (where it came from)