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Announcing The Release Of BlockApps STRATO Developer Edition

The developer community has spoken, and we have listened – BlockApps STRATO is now available in a limited-time trial edition for developers who would like to build and release blockchain applications faster using our Ethereum-based blockchain development platform.

The BlockApps Developer Edition was built towards enabling developers to build and test blockchain applications on the machine/platform of their choice (local/VM/cloud). Using the Developer Trial offered via our docker registry, it is now possible to set up and build blockchain applications using the power of BlockApps STRATO, which was originally not accessible to the general public.

This version of our software contains the latest and greatest features we have to offer, meaning you will be able to test our most up-to-date features in real-time and will help us gain valuable insight into how our new releases will work.

Our goal with this release is to make it easier for developers to have access to these development tools regardless of which infrastructure they are currently building on. We hope that once they have experienced the ease and convenience of building blockchain applications with our intuitive REST API, the path to commercial production applications is even clearer for them and their constituents.

Register for the trial here.

After you register for the trial, refer to the getting-started guide to setup and try the STRATO development platform on your machine.

If you have any questions about BlockApps STRATO Developer Edition or would like to learn more about production environment garden pathing with our assistance, please reach out to [email protected].