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Blockchain Traceability from Seed to Silo

Presented by BlockApps and Bayer CropScience – an overview and demo of TraceHarvest seed traceability.
Blockchain-backed seed traceability allows Bayer Crop Science to more effectively track and manage data surrounding their products.




  • Bayer Seed Traceability Explained
  • Live App Demo
  • TraceHarvest Roadmap
  • Q&A

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“especially important for grower sovereignty of their data” (34:41)
Question #1 from Raja: Are you using the public Ethereum protocol or Quorum? Answer @ 31:03 Neither – we use BlockApps STRATO

Question #2 from Marquis of ClinicalSquared: How do you introduce a new business process into TraceHarvest? Answer @ 32:07 Introduced through new smart contracts that relate to the existing environment

Question #3 from Erin of Chip Media: Who will decide who can get access to view, edit or change the data? Answer @ 33:15 STRATO Private Chains + RBAC (role based access control) – especially important for grower sovereignty of their data.

Question #4 from Jason at AMVAC: Is the seed the “lowest common denominator” unit? Does this mean it can track other input information? Treatments, products, etc. Answer @ 36:27 Short answer is Yes. Events themselves can be expanded to track anything related to the seed – fertilizer, chemicals, equipment, storage, and field isolation events. Bayer chose blockchain to be able to link to other units, such as those measured in RFID-tagged units. Systems integration is an important part of TraceHarvest’s industry pilot and rollout.

Question #5: from Warren: How do you deal with the high degree of variability and complexity between the data of different Local ERPs? Answer @ 40:02 We introduced the concept of integration very early in the process to make it “future proof”. The smart contracts in the TraceHarvest network are also designed for exactly this type of data; they’re especially flexible while still fast on the blockchain.

Question #6: from Devika & Steve: We see the potential for extension beyond the elevator/processor, to the consumer, for example? Answer @ 42:23 There is a lot of great work being done in the consumer space, and TraceHarvest is especially unique for its seed provenance capability. We see the same potential for growth downstream as is present in the seed network. This technology is so flexible that a little bit of collaboration can extend capabilities a long way.

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Special Thanks to the Bayer Team

Read about some of Bayer’s missions mentioned in the event:

  • Health for all, hunger for none
  • Improving Farmer Livelihoods
  • Sustainability Commitments for Agriculture