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BlockApps and Optimum initiate strategic partnership with development of energy usage tracking solution

HOUSTON, March 27, 2020 (via PRNewswire) – BlockApps, the leading enterprise blockchain platform provider, is proud to announce their strategic partnership with Optimum, a leader in modern software consulting across industries, including oil & gas, manufacturing, and construction.

Optimum has joined the Global BlockApps Partner Network – an ecosystem of technology and service providers combined with blockchain experts across industries that help enable rapid application development, integration, deployment and enhancement for BlockApps’ STRATO customers and partners.

Despite the intense pressure put on the energy industry from recent global economic shocks, Optimum and BlockApps have initiated their partnership with the development of a blockchain-backed solution for tracking energy usage.

Verifiable, granular energy usage tracking is a mission-critical need for the energy industry and will be an essential part of any solution to improve management of future shocks in supply and demand.

Optimum’s significant experience with mid-stream and pipeline management for the oil & gas industry makes their addition to the BlockApps Partner Network especially timely and valuable.

“We’re thrilled to initiate our partnership with Optimum – their deep experience with large-scale energy solutions for the enterprise and government will help ensure our STRATO energy tracking solution meets the production-level needs of our customers and continues to scale effectively.”
Kieren James Lubin, President & CEO, BlockApps

Optimum will utilize the field-tested, enterprise-grade security, interoperability and scalability of BlockApps’ STRATO platform to develop and customize solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of their clients.

“By utilizing the BlockApps’ innovative platform and our in-house industry and technology expertise, Optimum can now provide and expand the power of Blockchain and IoT solutions to the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Construction marketplace as well as other industries and sectors.

The BlockApps’ STRATO platform is an extremely powerful tool for us to be able to bring the power of blockchain to our clients, while significantly reducing the complexity, uncertainty, time, and cost that is usually associated with other blockchain implementations.”
Nooshin Yazhari, President, Optimum

For more information, visit Optimum’s blockchain solutions and explore the resources below:


About Optimum

Optimum is a modern software solution and services firm, transforming businesses through the power of people, technology and automated processes.

By utilizing Optimum’s expertise and experience in strategic planning, process optimization, and innovative technologies, clients gain efficiency, reduce operational costs, ensure compliance, and enable digital transformation.

Optimum offers a full suite of services and solutions, including software design and development, blockchain solutions and consulting services, systems integration, business process automation, and RPA, business intelligence (BI), and cloud-based solutions.

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