BlockApps Announces STRATO 4.5 Release

BlockApps Announces STRATO 4.5 Release

We are excited to announce the release of STRATO version 4.5!

Upgrade Highlights

On top of many under-the-hood changes that improve network performance, we have significantly enhanced the key management capabilities of STRATO as well as well as the platform support for our privacy, security and governance features:

  • Automatically block transactions from unauthorized users
  • Configurable key management solution to address custom business needs
  • Improved robustness of private chain membership enforcement
  • Additional support for additions to private chain membership

In this release we’ve also beefed up our internal and external tools for monitoring and analyzing network transactions:

  • Improved persistence and query tools for private chain metadata and related information
  • Better performance for polling endpoints and node health calculation in the Central Monitoring Dashboard
  • Added internal diagnostic tools and checkpointing support for network maintenance

What does this mean for STRATO users?

  • Better network and private chain performance
  • Enhanced network monitoring tools & performance for a real-time view of network activity
  • Greater control over network access and the ability to automatically block transactions from unauthenticated users

As always, you can check out our developer docs for more detailed information on STRATO.

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