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BlockApps Debuts Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain Management Prototype at Consensus Hackathon 2017

In an effort to continue to build our blockchain solutions and products geared towards the growing demands of a global market, BlockApps has unveiled a Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain Management (SCM) prototype which focuses on the methodology surrounding supply chain and logistics.

From the perspective of a manufacturing business as a sample use-case, we made this SCM application available on our Github page and it can be built and deployed locally using our Developer Trial Edition or on Microsoft Azure.

We encourage everyone to try it out and analyze how the user-flow could be applied to other types of use-cases that you and your business have experience with.

We officially announced the Supply Chain Prototype at the Consensus 2017 Hackathon in an effort to given participants a ready-laid template to work off of in the realms of chain-of-custody and provenance of goods. We were pleased to see several of the contestants at the hackathon were able to get the SCM up and running quite easily and were able to use some aspects of the architecture in their own proofs of concept.