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BlockApps Leads Enterprise Blockchain Hackathon for Agricultural Ecosystem

BlockApps, the world’s first Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, is dedicated to expanding the enterprise blockchain space, offering trainings and demonstrations of blockchain use cases to a variety of businesses and industries.

BlockApps led a training workshop in St. Louis with agriculture industry leaders, showcasing how teams can use the BlockApps STRATO platform to build, design, and deploy smart contracts and enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

The goal was to create a blockchain solution for an ecosystem of agricultural companies along their end-to-end supply chain. One of the highlights was the hackathon, where participants from different companies along the agricultural value chain developed and implemented their blockchain use cases on BlockApps STRATO.

BlockApps Enterprise Hackathon

The hackathon was organized around different suppliers, including input providers, dealers, growers, and processors.

Overall, the training workshop received high remarks from the organizers, with users becoming familiar with BlockApps STRATO.

“The experience was great. There was a huge learning curve, but I became more comfortable [with BlockApps STRATO] the more I used it.” -training participant.

The BlockApps team also received constructive feedback on user experience and training workflow— and is looking forward to future training opportunities with other industry innovators.