Forbes Interview with BlockApps’ Advisor on Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

Jitterbit and BlockApps Help Your Business Adapt for What Comes Next

Last month, Kate Mitselmakher of Bloccelerate explained the key value of enterprise blockchain platforms like BlockApps in an interview with Forbes.

Kate is the CEO and founder of Bloccelerate VC, a venture fund focused on investing in blockchain companies primarily in North America and Europe – including BlockApps!

Read the whole interview here – excerpts below.

In 2017 I finally found market validation of this thesis I had developed conviction about a few years prior…. Gartner conducted an extensive study… ultimately concluded that during the next 5 to 10 years, blockchain technology will generate $3.1 trillion of business value in the U.S. alone.  – Kate Mitselmakher, General Partner & CEO, Bloccelerate VC

Last year alone, we had seen close to $3 billion spent on blockchain solutions by leading Fortune 500 enterprises—an 89% increase from the year before. Some of the largest conglomerates, such as Bayer, Vanguard, Walmart, and others, have already successfully entered the deployment stage. – Kate Mitselmakher, General Partner & CEO, Bloccelerate VC

One of the portfolio companies we are very excited about is BlockApps. In the world where we have seen hundreds of blockchain platforms come and go, BlockApps has established itself by being laser-focused on delivering real value to its clients with enterprise-grade solutions. – Kate Mitselmakher, General Partner & CEO, Bloccelerate VC

I still stand by all my predictions from two years ago. In fact, I am “putting money where my mouth is,” because we are actively investing in projects that are accelerating these trends.

For example, I predicted that over the next ten years, we will see governments around the world to either create or adopt some form of virtual currency. As of today, 45 central banks are already actively researching CBDCs (central bank-backed digital currencies). – Kate Mitselmakher, General Partner & CEO, Bloccelerate VC

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