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Jitterbit and BlockApps Help Your Business Adapt for What Comes Next

In January 2020, multiple CEOs believed that innovative physical stores had the upper hand again¹.

No forecasting team could predict this year’s needs. More than ever before, businesses must pivot. To thrive or even survive in this uncertain marketplace, businesses of all sizes need flexibility and adaptability. Large retailers, including Walmart, have had to accommodate rapidly shifting demands from rice to puzzles to hair products and everything in between. Adapting to changing needs requires a high degree of supply chain flexibility. In addition to supply chain modifications, companies must comply with changing safety regulations and staffing advisories.

To accomplish these goals, companies must optimize and expand work-from-home capabilities. Many on-premise systems cannot support a significant transition of in-office to remotely-working staff. Workday Inc. CEO Aneel Bhusri said, “I’ve talked to lots of CIOs, who said, you know I wish I had everything in the cloud right now. I am struggling with my on-premise, both because of the labor required and people required to be on-site and because those systems are really not very agile or flexible”².

Clear, effective communication could have improved each event’s outcome that has impacted us this year, both across the United States and internationally. We need to better prepare for what happens next. Together, BlockApps and Jitterbit provide quick, efficient solutions and implementations to add flexibility and pivotability to current business systems.

BlockApps is the leading provider and innovator of technology for programmable business networks. Industry network members with access can store information as immutable blocks of data with a single source of truth in STRATO, BlockApps’ platform. Our privacy and governance settings allow authorized parties, both internal and external, to share data on a need-to-know basis and maintain complete privacy on sensitive documents.

STRATO’s unique features help your business run smoother and prepare for what comes next. Cloud compatibility, analytic auditing, data modeling, and tool suite for enterprise developers optimizes your organization’s efficiency and provides your team with the tools they need. Designing and building blockchain integration can be time-consuming. STRATO works well with other systems and programs by using RESTful APIs. Our API approach has made it simple from the beginning, and with a new partnership, BlockApps has made this even more accessible. Our partner, Jitterbit, enhances and streamlines development with existing APIs and interoperability infrastructure.

Jitterbit has pre-built connectors to create integrations with many current enterprise systems and enhance existing APIs. Jitterbit makes implementing blockchain significantly faster. Plus, our combined technology allows for a faster scale. Jitterbit believes integration should be easily adapted to meet changing needs. Its team provides expert consultation to ensure you get the most from our technology. In short, Jitterbit makes pivoting easier and faster during crises and otherwise.

“With blockchain taking on new levels of importance in the post-COVID world, Jitterbit is proud to partner with BlockApps to empower line of business users to access the data they need to fuel business innovation.”

Ron Wastal, SVP Business Development at Jitterbit

“We’re so glad to work with JitterBit, who comes prepared with the high-quality, reliable integration capabilities needed for enterprise in the digital world;

Forward-thinking companies like Jitterbit are exactly why we built such a robust and flexible RESTful API on STRATO. Together, we will help customers implement and scale blockchain solutions with much greater speed and ease than ever before.”

Kieren James-Lubin, CEO, President of BlockApps

Founded in 2003, Jitterbit provides technology that enables business integrations on an ecosystem level. With only a simple drag-and-drop method, users can achieve integrations between different applications and interfaces. Jitterbit’s solutions can run in the cloud, so they do not require a dedicated data center. Jitterbit is recognized as a leader in iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) by Gartner, Forrester, and G2 Crowd. Currently, more than 55,000 users worldwide utilize Jitterbit. Together, Jitterbit and BlockApps will help your business adapt to what comes next.

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