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Adding another layer of power and usability to our BlockApps STRATO platform, BlockApps would like to introduce our users to Cirrus.

A feature of the BlockApps STRATO Platform, Cirrus enables users to expose crucial smart contract business data by using a simple RESTful API that accepts SQL style query parameters.

As a search tool, Cirrus indexes current smart-contract business data in real-time and exposes the data via a RESTful API. The data is stored in a Postgres database and is accessed through the postgREST interface. With the contract data exposed in JSON, it is very simple for developers to leverage existing business intelligence tooling and provide reports and insights regarding smart contracts at enterprise scale.

Until now, search functionality with smart contracts was difficult and slow with a standard open source Ethereum architecture. For businesses where real-time analytics and actionable data are of critical importance, this functionality is a must.

Cirrus provides seamless reporting capabilities by indexing smart contract business data and storing it in a PostgreSQL database. Additionally, the data is exposed via a RESTful API for easy integrations with existing platforms.

“Cirrus grew out of an organic need that came up while building enterprise blockchain applications. It’s been invaluable to our ability to add value with the applications we’re delivering. There’s a very wide range of possiblities of what businesses are able to accomplish utilizing the new insights they’ll be able to gleam from Cirrus and their business intelligence systems.” – Charles Crain, Blockchain Engineer

Users can simply include the names of their smart contracts to be indexed. Once Cirrus is up and running, dynamic changes in the data and to any contracts of those types will be pushed to thePostgreSQL database and available via the RESTful interface.