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Sidney Siefken Grows Agriculture Industry Expertise at BlockApps

BlockApps is excited to announce that Agriculture Industry Expert Sidney Siefken has joined our team!

Sid has been cultivating agricultural experience since working on his family’s farm in Palmer, Iowa. He advanced his knowledge of the business-side of agriculture by earning a BS in Agricultural Business from Iowa State University, followed by an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Over the past two decades, Sid has leveraged his unique combination of on-farm and agri-business experience to help farmers, managers, suppliers and distributors optimize and enhance their operations with new technology.

Sid played a major role in introducing GPS to the industry when it was a burgeoning technology and is a solution leader in areas including OEM client management and field services management (SaaS). Sid’s expertise has helped modernize operations and unlock new levels of profitability for many agri-businesses including:

  • Monsanto
  • ADM
  • GrainCorp
  • CNH Industrial
  • CLAAS Group

Prior to joining BlockApps, Sid was a Global Agricultural Solutions Leader at IBM and is excited to continue is excited to continue helping agricultural companies leverage new technologies like BlockApps STRATO and deliver simple, effective means to get started building enterprise-grade blockchain solutions that you and your company have control over.

From his multidisciplinary perspective, Sid currently sees the greatest present value for applying blockchain technology in these areas:

  • Agriculture product traceability for proof of origin and security
  • Supply chain authenticity in the genetics and plant protection inputs
  • Financial management for operating loans, land financing, and capital equipment loans
  • Risk management for crop insurance, creating smart contracts at the grower level
  • Commodity transactions for seamless grain trading and contract management