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Clinical Trials, Identity Management & Medical Credentialing with Blockchain

The global healthcare industry is currently undergoing a major stress test.

Complacency in adopting new technology has left citizens, cities, and countries exposed to public health threats that have a negative impact on the global economy and open the door for bad actors to exploit shortcomings in risk management methodologies.

Delivering breakthrough advances in healthcare while in the midst of a global pandemic has little chance in outpacing the rapid spread of infectious agents. The time to prepare for the inevitable next public health crisis is while still living through the present one.

BlockApps’ Craig Recatto and partner Rejolut’s own Sharat Chandra hosted a webinar about the challenges and how they can be addressed.


Summary from the Host

The adoption of blockchain technology and the creation of decentralized identities will revolutionize how individuals grant access to and control their own personal health information.

This applies equally for medical professionals, who benefit from the rapid verification of their professional and educational background, allowing for greater mobility and flexibility in the practice of Medicine.

Interoperability is the catalyst on which blockchain solutions will drive innovation and advances in healthcare. The implementation of blockchain technology now will protect future public health by improving the clinical trial process and shrinking the path to commercialization, leading to more drug approvals and improving the quality of life for many worldwide.

Craig Recatto Ph.D., Healthcare & Life Science Industry Expert at BlockApps

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