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Navigating the Regulatory Landscape for Finance and Healthcare

Why should the finance industry be leading the consumer identity and data privacy efforts alongside the healthcare industry?

BlockApps’ Mark Caraway and Craig Recatto join forces with the 4000+ strong AI, Blockchain, RPA & QC Meetup group covering the regulatory landscape for blockchain in finance & healthcare.




  • Finance
    • How can blockchain actually save costs for a business unit in finance? (7:15)
    • Financial products are well established (7:50) . New regulations create new layers of compliance cost for those products. (8:27) This is one place blockchain helps – saving on compliance costs.
    • Impact of blockchain for financial firms ERP and other IT systems, especially for cash & liquidity management (17:27).


  • Healthcare
    • How can we remove data from a blockchain in a regulatory case like GDPR or HIPAA?
    • Decision to keep data on blockchain is driven by operational needs according to GDPR (42:06). Best to make the decision ahead of time – but can use private chains AND/OR use consensus to update or mask or remove data (42:50).
    • “The future is today” for healthcare clinical trials management with blockchain (39:34)

Special Thanks to our Meetup Partners

A special thank our co-hosts Denis and Sampson at Meetup for bringing up such a relevant topic! Join us and the 4,000+ other tech-forward members of these AI, Blockchain, RPA & QC Meetup groups: