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Tracking Herbicide from Manufacture to Application with STRATO Track & Trace

BlockApps’ Agriculture industry expert Sid Siefken as he explains how blockchain technology can be used:

  • to efficiently prevent herbicide tracking issues and fines
  • to ultimately protect members of the herbicide value chain, including businesses, farmers, workers and end-consumers
  • with Step-by-Step Asset Tracking using STRATO Track & Trace
  • introduction of the 90-day BlockApps Accelerator Program

Herbicide? Yes, Herbicide. Watch our agribusiness expert use herbicide as a case-in-point example for blockchain asset tracking with STRATO Track & Trace.


Summary from the Host

“Blockchain platforms are often spoken about in platitudes – in this video, I show the practical application of using smart contracts and track & trace running on our STRATO platform.

This functionality is available out of the box to allow your project to go from design to production-ready pilot in 90 days. When you are ready, BlockApps delivers!”
Sid Siefken, Director of Business Development for Agriculture at BlockApps

“BlockApps’ unique approach to supply chain management is highlighted in my presentation showing the application of Smart Contracts on the STRATO platform.

Track and Trace functionality – out of the box – allows you to go from zero to product in record time. My Accelerator Program is a structured approach to defining your use case, building out your project plan and get your project into pilot in 90 days. ”
Sid Siefken, Director of Business Development for Agriculture at BlockApps

Herbicide is the unsung hero of agricultural and food production, preventing unwanted competition from invasive weed species that suck up nutrients and moisture, limiting yields.

These agricultural crops are at the beginning of the supply chain that eventually land on the tables of people everywhere. To achieve these results, herbicides are specifically designed for certain crop types, climates, and growing conditions.

With this high level of specialization comes the impetus for extra care in application to protect our food sources.

Agribusinesses suffer multi-billion dollar fines in relation to these tracking requirements.