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Who We Are

BlockApps is the leading provider and innovator of technology for programmable business networks through our platform, BlockApps STRATO.

The BlockApps ecosystem includes software startups, IT and professional services’ firms, industry owned businesses and Fortune 500 corporates.

Founded in 2015, BlockApps has created several industry innovations including the launch of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) with Microsoft, founding the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (the world’s largest open standard blockchain organization) and being the first blockchain company to partner with all major cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform).

What is STRATO?

Utilizing BlockApps STRATO, enterprises and partners can build self-owned extensible business networks that serve as the transactional and collaboration backbone for end-to-end business processes while enhancing security, performance, trust and transparency in the business value chain. These networks are deployed across sectors, including energy, finance, agriculture, live events, travel and many more.