On February 14-16th, Sid Siefken, BlockApps’ agriculture expert and Colorado representative, attended our partner ETHDenver’s 3rd annual conference.

The event was, as always, illuminating and a great success. We are thrilled to see enthusiasm for practicable Ethereum continue for the 3rd consecutive year.

“It’s wonderful to be here. I think it [Colorado’s enthusiasm for blockchain] really came about because we have a strong libertarian background in our state. We are 588,000 people [and] people expect to know everyone that’s in government.”

Colorado and Enterprise Blockchain for Agriculture

Colorado is particularly excited by blockchain for agriculture, due to a recent food safety breach. In 2011, an outbreak of listeria traced to cantaloupe grown in Colorado left an official death count of 33, with 10 more unofficial casualties. The largest food safety breach since 1985, it affected 28 states and resulted in the two brothers who grew the cantaloupe being charged with a federal crime.

In this case, having full traceability on the supply chain could have first slowed the outbreak and second, held more guilty parties accountable. The Food Safety Attorney who represented the bulk of the victims from the outbreak, Bill Marler, commented that “We will never have safe food from ‘farm to fork’ until the entire chain of distribution is held accountable for the food that they make a profit from.” 

BlockApps is dedicated to supporting blockchain networks for end-to-end supply chain transparency for the agriculture industry especially for the agricultural inputs that become our food products.

Learn More About BlockApps in Agriculture

BlockApps would also like to take thank ETHDenver for being such an innovative and dedicated partner. We look forward to more events in the future. BlockApps and STRATO are just one part of a functional enterprise blockchain ecosystem. If you’re looking to get more involved, contact us today.

What’s Next?

Check out our events page to find out where BlockApps will be next.

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