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Why should the finance industry be leading the consumer identity and data privacy efforts alongside the healthcare industry?

Come join us as we discuss Navigating the Regulatory Landscape for Finance and Healthcare hosted by Denis Nwanshi, EMBA and the AI, Blockchain, RPA, and QC Meetup Group.

Healthcare: hear from Craig Recatto, Ph.D. on:

  • digital health services
  • medical credentialing
  • the post-COVID healthcare environment

Finance: hear from Mark Caraway on why current global changes will require:

  • more and enhanced visibility into working capital and liquidity
  • Rapid adaptation of compliance processes to include biometrics and a fully digital/mobile process

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Finance and Healthcare are two highly regulated industries where similarities in how global regulatory bodies govern and interact not immediately apparent. Using the powerful attributes inherent in blockchain technology such as immutability of data, interoperability, governance, and identity management, we will demonstrate how decentralized ledger technology can speed up the regulatory process across these industries.

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