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BlockApps is joining the Energy Conference Network to hear from the energy industry on the latest trends and innovations that reduce costs and improve operations.

Led by John Bledsoe, Energy Practice Lead at Confluent

We’ll explore many energy use cases such as:

  • Field management by exception
  • Drilling and completion operation efficiency
  • Edge analytics for real-time field decision making
  • Real-time pressure and temperature data generating automated well actions
  • Streaming from the edge to the cloud or data center
  • Global asset tracking and tracing
  • Real-time sensor data analytics
  • Automated anomaly detection
  • Emission detection
  • Digital twin
  • Improved surveillance to prevent vandalism, illegal tapping, and theft
  • ERP and monolithic architecture modernization

In addition, we’ll share best practices from some of the energy industry’s largest customers:

  • How these customers are using event streaming to capture and process field data in real-time
  • How to create architectures that support edge, IoT, field data capture, and cloud
  • How to leverage Confluent’s Apache Kafka experience and expertise to free up administrator and developer cycles
Blockchain for Energy

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