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Littlstar HQ is hosting Ara and BlockApps, as they present…

Media and Blockchain Ticketing and Fraud Exposed

Moderated by Jennifer McKenzie, Littlstar Events Manager. She will be diving into questions addressing the fraud verticals directly related to concert and ticketing events. Exposing and uncovering the negatives and positives of how blockchain plays a key part in this funtion involving ticketing.


Sunny Atwal, Lead Engineer and Director or Partnerships, Ara

Ara is a protocol established to give power back to those who create content themselves, to ensure a worry free method around the concept of having to go through a “middle-man” system to release content all over the world. The Ara platform uses a peer to peer file system to deliver content through a distributed network, the blockchain to store license transactions for each file, and a decentralized identity for each user and piece of content in the network to ensure all data is secure and not owned by any central authority. Sunny Atwal not only works directly with the protocol engineers to develop new solutions but also travels around the world connecting with direct partners who will benefit from this technology.

Mark Caraway, Head of Partnerships at BlockApps

BlockApps is a leading private blockchain platform provider for enterprise applications. He joined BlockApps in November 2018 to oversee the Partner Ecosystem including: cloud, consulting, development, integration and community partners. Prior to this Mark spent 6 years within Staffing and Recruiting in San Francisco focusing on Financial Services and Fin Tech Firms. As Mark was watching the FinTech revolution spring up in San Francisco, Bitcoin came into focus as an opportunity. After learning about the Enterprise applications of Blockchain Mark was excited to join BlockApps to help provide the best platform for Blockchain Enterprise applications within all industries.

Dustin Norwood, Blockchain Engineer at BlockApps

With 6 years of professional software development experience. He maintains and builds upon BlockApps’ Ethereum client, written in Haskell. His interests in cryptography, game theory, and networks lead him to a fascination with blockchain technology. Prior to joining BlockApps, he lead a team developing the hardware and software for networked embedded systems and IoT device clusters. He studied at The University of at Austin and UCLA, earning a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, respectively. He is passionate about functional programming and type theory, and is working to bring type-safety to smart contracts.

Brian Smocovich, Outside Sales Executive for BlockApps

Leading private blockchain platform provider for enterprise applications. He joined BlockApps in November 2017 where he advises clients on the benefits of Enterprise Ethereum and walks them through the process of building an application on BlockApps’ STRATO platform. Previously, Brian worked for Wavestone, a boutique management consulting firm advising CIOs of foreign investment banks on their IT Strategies, Infrastructures, and Resources. He first took an interest in blockchain/cryptocurrency in early 2016, quickly falling down the rabbit hole for everything Ethereum related.

This event will start promptly after guest arrival. With brainstorm session, and open QA, followed by Open Bar Happy Hour sponsored by HealthAde Kombucha.