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Panel Video

– BlockApps Introduction @ 4:08
– Impact of COVID on Enterprise Blockchain (Data Quality) @ 16:20
– Resilient Supply Chains @ 17:00

– Sustainability Trends from Enterprises (Bigger Priority) @ 17:38
– BlockApps Energy Efficiency Project @ 33:30, 34:02
– Energy Network Expansion @ 35:38

What are the Upcoming Challenges for Blockchain?
– Data Stewardship @ 52:29
– Data Standards @ 53:47
– New Governance Models @ 54:40
– Interoperability (**Easy with STRATO API**)@ 55:15

(Q&A) How can we rely on human-entered data?
– Garbage in, Garbage out @ 1:03:02
– People, Processes AND Technology @ 1:03:16
– IoT Devices will help @ 1:03:40
– Value of the STRATO API @ 1:04:22

(Q&A) Will more industry-specific standards emerge? – YES
– Certification Taxonomy Already In-play @
– Enterprise Blockchain Standards Definition @ 1:12:56

(Q&A) Is Blockchain Hackproof?
– Weakest Link in the CHAIN @ 1:13:20

Event Details

NYU Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business is assembling industry leaders around the topic of supply chain resilience and blockchain to explore how major corporations, start-ups and NGOs are utilizing blockchain technology for positive impact.

BlockApps’ product marketing manager Caleb Ferguson is thrilled to be contributing to the topic discussion and will be exploring BlockApps’ pre-existing work within asset tracking and supply chain management, sustainability and a number of STRATO use cases driving the intersection of blockchain and resilience.

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He will be speaking on a panel moderated by Tensie Whelan, Clinical Professor of Business and Society and Director of the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, alongside innovators such as Leandro Nunes, Vice President of Product Development & Innovation at Mastercard Labs.

Explore BlockApps Asset Tracking
Explore BlockApps + Sustainability

From the organizer:

The disruption caused by COVID-19 underscores the need for highly traceable, transparent, and resilient supply chains. Blockchain, as well as other technology, is an incredibly valuable tool for building and sustaining this approach.

In this virtual panel discussion, we’ll explore questions such as: How have effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains revealed the increased need for traceability? How is blockchain technology being used to ensure greater traceability and transparency? How are large companies leveraging nascent technologies like blockchain to enhance existing business models and product lines? What new business opportunities exist to leverage blockchain to address sustainability challenges?

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Speaking of resilience…

This was originally scheduled as an in-person PANEL on March 25th – the event was obviously postponed.

NYU was able to ‘bounce back’ and make this event happen in a matter of weeks!

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