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Despite the intense pressure put on the energy industry from recent global economic shocks, Optimum and BlockApps have initiated their partnership with the development of a blockchain-backed solution for tracking energy usage.

Verifiable, granular energy usage tracking is a mission-critical need for the energy industry and will be an essential part of any solution to improve management of shocks in supply and demand.

Join BlockApps’ John Chappell and partner Rejolut for a webinar covering the key elements of a blockchain-powered energy tracking & carbon credits marketplace.

you should RSVP if you’ve ever wondered…
  • What is the lifecycle of a carbon credit tracked on the blockchain?

  • How is energy usage and IoT device data added to the blockchain?

  • Who needs to be involved in marketplace development?

  • What regions are best suited for a carbon credit marketplace?

  • How does a carbon credit network accelerate carbon reduction and cost savings?

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