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Herbicide is the unsung hero of agricultural and food production, preventing unwanted competition from invasive weed species that suck up nutrients and moisture limiting yields.

These agricultural crops are at the beginning of the supply chain that eventually land on the tables of people everywhere. To achieve these results, herbicides are specifically designed for certain crop types, climates, and growing conditions.

With this high level of specialization comes the impetus for extra care in application to protect our food sources.

Agribusinesses suffer multi-billion dollar fines in relation to these tracking requirements.

Join BlockApps’ Agriculture industry expert Sid Siefken as he explains how blockchain technology can be used to:

  • Efficiently prevent herbicide tracking issues and fines
  • Ultimately protect members of the herbicide value chain including businesses, farmers, workers and end-consumers.

What is Track & Trace?

Sid will use herbicide as a case-in-point example of how specific assets are able to be so efficiently tracked on the blockchain-backed Track & Trace application.

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