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BlockApps will be attending the 2021 World AgriTech Summit. Join us next week on March 9-10 for a deep dive into the future of climate-smart agriculture in the US and connect with 1,300 global agri-food leaders with the power and the desire to make change happen.

The newly re-appointed US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack will open the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit next week on Tuesday March 9 at 9am PT.

He has returned to the role he held from 2009 to 2017 under President Obama, making him the second longest-serving US Secretary of Agriculture.

We’re excited to hear Secretary Vilsack outline his priorities for the USDA as it tackles a very different set of challenges in 2021. He has identified “Why Not?” opportunities for agriculture, the food industry and rural America that align closely with the summit themes:

– Produce healthy, local and regional foods
– Create a thriving bio-based manufacturing sector
– Embrace sustainable practices that enhance soil health
– Deliver science-based solutions to help mitigate and reduce climate change

Day 1 –

World Agri-Tech today:
9am: Opening Address, US Secretary of Agriculture
– 9.10am: Harnessing Agriculture as a Source of Nature-Based Solutions for Climate
– 9.55am: How can Corporates Play a Bigger Role In Sustainable Agriculture?
– 10.10am: Social Lounge & Speed Networking
– 10.40am: Track 1: Sustainability
– 10.40am: Track 2: Digital Transformation
– 11.10am: Start-Up Technology Showcase
– 12.40pm Virtual Roundtable Discussions
– 1.10pm: Shark Tank Reverse Pitch: Putting Start-ups in the Driving Seat
– 1.40pm: What Can Quantum Computing Do for Agriculture?
– 1.50pm: Biology with Purpose: Opportunities at the Intersection of Biology, Agriculture & Food
– 2.30pm: Ag and Food’s Role in Direct Climate Investment Platforms
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