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Zed features numerous expert speakers and combines our world-renowned engineering culture with deep insights into enterprise transformation and acceleration.

BlockApps Founder & CEO Kieren James-Lubin is presenting Sustainability: It’s a Data Problem.

Companies across the globe have set ambitious goals to reduce their carbon footprint, but the need for trustworthy emissions data to demonstrate progress is growing more apparent – and blockchain may hold the keys to enhanced transparency.

Despite the eagerness to lower carbon dioxide emissions, current means of recording emissions cannot keep pace with goals for the future. Right now, the methods of tracking carbon emissions are inefficient, hugely expensive, and inaccurate. There is a critical need for companies to understand and report their emission data, but the complexity of this endeavor presents a huge challenge.

Sustainability: It’s a Data Problem

Compass by Zed

This year’s conference theme is Compass. Over the past year EPAM, together with the whole world, has been navigating through a complex environment of business, political, social and health challenges. These challenges present an even greater need for people and organizations to adapt and put themselves on the right course to successfully navigate the landscapes of disruption and opportunity.

As we witness the accelerating pace of change in digital, cloud, data, and AI technologies, we are also seeing permanent shifts in how we learn, work, and engage with our communities. And for us, the past year has been a year of even faster adaptation, diversification, and growth requiring that we understand EPAM’s Compass and respond to better navigate the constantly changing New Normal.

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