World AgriTech Innovation 2021 Summit

Digital Conference

BlockApps will be attending the 2021 World AgriTech Summit. Join us next week on March 9-10 for a deep dive into the future of climate-smart agriculture in the US and connect with 1,300 global agri-food leaders with the power and the desire to make change happen.

TraceHarvest Industry Meeting

Online meeting by Invitation

Contact BlockApps for an invitation - the first virtual meeting of a series focused on the TraceHarvest Network. We will be exploring multi-party data exchange & blockchain applications in the Agriculture industry for the benefit of business leaders in the market.

IAMAI 2021 Blockchain Showcase

IAMAI Webinar - Register Below NY

Showcasing products and services at the Blockchain Summit, organised by IAMAI on 10th March 2021.

Achieving Traceability and Compliance in Agriculture with Blockchain

Webinar: Register Below NY

Registration is open & free to anybody who is interested – sign up to hear from this executive panel on Achieving Traceability and Compliance in Agriculture with Blockchain We are excited to have Sid Siefken alongside the other industry visionaries: Abha Khandelwal, Jake Joraanstad and Elizabeth Fastiggi

Emergent Africa Forum ’21


Mark Caraway (BlockApps Head of Partnerships) will be speaking at the Emergent Africa Forum on September 22, 2021, hosted by the African Chamber of Digital Commerce in Minneapolis, MN.

Revolutionizing the ‘Open Data Economy’ on Blockchain


Event Details In this panel discussion, we explore some of the challenges faced by today’s data-driven digital enterprise, including data governance, trust, ownership, cybersecurity, compliance, and privacy, as well as how to balance these with the business opportunities and disruptive solutions under development in areas such as data monetization, data quality, and leveraging [...]

Best Strategies for Blockchain Success: Key trends & shared experience for building better blockchain value


Event Details In this session, BlockApps hosts a panel discussion on key decision factors for a successful enterprise blockchain implementation, featuring our partners at Labrys and Synaptiq. The panel will be focused on the following themes: Current trends in enterprise blockchain, and outlook on the market for 2022 & beyond Considerations [...]

Tracking Emissions with TraceCarbon – 101 Blockchains: Think Tank Webinar Series


In this session, we’ll understand the concept of the TraceCarbon Network and its ability to monitor carbon emissions effectively and securely. TraceCarbon is the only network that can provide compliance and transparency within all aspects of the CO2e ecosystem, which includes corporate reporting, the analysis of project life-cycles, differentiation of products as well as [...]

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