BlockApps is the leading provider of Enterprise Blockchain solutions. We are the most experienced provider of private & permissioned Ethereum environments and our mission is to create products that enable companies of all sizes to rapidly build and deploy custom applications on the BlockApps STRATO platform.

STRATO enables companies to build robust blockchain applications that can disintermediate third-party trust, enhance data automation, and improve the visibility of asset tracking. Unlike public blockchains, STRATO has the capability of protecting transaction data from non-relevant stakeholders, enabling applications to be truly private while also benefiting from real-time reconciliation and data sharing.

BlockApps was the first company incubated out of Consensys in 2015 and continues to lead blockchain technology implementation for enterprise & startups alike.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to work directly with our Sales, Marketing and Partnership teams to acquire new clients. You will participate in our process to understand the business benefit, market position, and corporate advantage for our clients to utilize STRATO.


BlockApps is seeking a highly motivated MBA or College Level Student who possesses strong written and oral communication skills, is eager to learn about blockchain, has strong personal motivation, and is comfortable in a fast-paced environment.

In this role you will:

  • Conduct Research on various industries to identify key opportunities for Blockchain
  • Reach out directly to potential clients across the globe
  • Engage with our clients to understand the value that BlockApps STRATO may provide their organizations
  • Assist in client due diligence and client pitch presentations
  • Assist with client onboarding and client success
  • Work alongside our marketing team to create clear and concise messaging


  • Coursework or experience in Business, Communication, Marketing, Entertainment, or similar
  • Excellent business communication skills
  • Strong time management, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Comfortable with Word, Powerpoint, Gmail, Salesforce
  • Blockchain Interest or Experience ideal

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