A unified platform for registry onboarding, carbon credit tokenization, and data-backed carbon assets trading.


Accessible Onboarding

Low barriers to entry for Project Developers/dMRV Actors to onboard as Independent Registries

Tokenize Upon Issuance

Tokenizing carbon credits once they are listed on Mercata Carbon by Independent Registries

Data-backed Marketplace

Supplying dMRV data to enhance credit integrity and quality

Insetting as a First Principle

Matching projects with buyers that create long-term reductions on scope 3 emissions

Partner with us

We are working with Project Developers & Registries across the following categories:


  • Chemical Process Decarbonization
  • Blue Carbon
  • Low Carbon Cement
  • Renewable Energy (Wind, water, solar, biomass)
  • Direct Air Capture
  • Biofuels (Anaerobic Digesters)


  • Biochar
  • Enhanced Rock Weathering
  • Land Preservation
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Forestry Credits
  • Enteric Methane

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