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NetworkGov provides the infrastructure for governments — from federal to municipal — to embrace Web3 technology and make operations more secure and efficient.


Supply Chain Management

Federal agencies struggle to manage key assets throughout their lifecycle due to large sets of key vendors and the sheer volume of purchases. Inventory management and transfers are often manual and prone to error. Additionally, asset maintenance history is not consistently available, leading to low trust in data. Governments need more detailed and real-time tracking of high-value assets coupled with heightened data security.

NetworkGov is an integrated blockchain network for asset accounting that tracks assets and key events across vendors and agencies.

Key Benefits
  • Pulls source data directly from systems of record and tracks and automates methodology
  • Streamlines operations and reduces slippage of Vendor-to-Agency and Agency-to-Agency transfer tracking
  • Transfers asset across parties with high assurance asset maintenance log present, updated, and unified
  • Encrypts critical information for increased data security
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NetworkGov Features


NetworkGov allows users to digitize, track, and trace relevant assets, including supply chains, contract payments, and other transactions.


NetworkGov provides transparency and accountability to government processes, reducing risk of corruption in the public sector.


NetworkGov provides the infrastructure for governments to measure sustainability impact, including ESG initiatives, while running on a net zero blockchain platform.


NetworkGov’s global platform is highly scalable, allowing you to add more business processes, use cases, and tech integrations.


NetworkGov increases efficiencies in compliance data collection, providing both faster and stronger overall proof of compliance.


NetworkGov allows real-time information exchange to all parties to identify and address product tracking and integrity issues faster and more securely.


Records and Process Management

Most municipality processes and records are paper-based and stored in bankers boxes. Access to and maintenance of records is cumbersome and opaque to residents.

City administrators do not have the technical means to provide transparency and maximize efficiency in approving or rejecting new developments for the city, requiring increased investment of time and money on behalf of public workers, developers, and residents.

NetworkGov creates a blockchain network of public records and tokenized assets.

Key Benefits
  • Provides direct digital access to Historic Registry information
  • Enables a transparent approval process for proposed development and maintenance on historic properties
  • Creates a highly secure and reliable record of approved transactions with data visibility for city employees and residents
  • Establishes model for further digitization of city assets
  • Boosts trust, transparency, and efficiency of record-keeping system
  • Improves workflow of government administrators with enhanced data accuracy
  • Empowers departments and residents with access to public data in a secure, immutable manner
  • Commences the digitization of assets as NFTs
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