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The Public Blockchain for Business.

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Blockchain technology is dramatically transforming the way businesses and individuals collaborate.

However, public blockchain is inadequate to support the needs of today’s business. Businesses want to move their blockchain applications to a public blockchain to achieve global scale, but cannot due to a variety of reasons:

Not industry owned
Lack of information about network counterparties
Payments in a speculative asset
Data privacy and scaling
Sustainability concerns

While there are several efforts to address these issues, none bring them together in a single public blockchain.

Introducing STRATO Mercata

The Public Blockchain Designed for Business


Bringing the best of private and public blockchain together.

BlockApps — the team who helped launch of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, investors of Blockchain as a Service, and founders of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance — have brought together the best of the public and private blockchain worlds for business.

Owned by business participants
Verified KYC member
Fiat payments
Enterprise security & performance
Net zero

From Private Blockchains

Verified identities and data / transactional privacy fit the current way business is done
Optimized for real/legacy assets
Payments done in fiat currencies, no separate token
Data privacy so companies can determine what information is shared and to whom

From Public Blockchains

Decentralized and owned by large, diverse shareholder set of businesses (ultimately will be run as a separate entity)
Public – any organization or individual can access the network (but there will be different permissions)
Ethereum compatible
Supply chain traceability
Sustainability tracking
Real-world asset management (including capital formation)
Circular economy
Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) interoperability

Mercata offers numerous features

The Mercata Network will be run as a for-profit legal corporation in the model of an industry utility.

Buy, sell, and trade real-world assets today!

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