STRATO Starter Tier

BlockApps hosted
What’s included?
STRATO License Access to the STRATO platform
Single Node A 2 vCores AWS VM (or GCP/Azure equivalent) with 7 GB RAM and a 30 GB expandable SSD volume
Track & Trace Sample App A built-in sample application for tracking & tracing generic widgets
Audit Trail View the history of all states of a smart contract over time
APIs Easily connect existing IT infrastructure, applications, and vendors to data in the network with RESTful API requests
Analytics Use SQL-style commands to quickly search the entire network for transactions, users, or other information. View any dimension of transaction or member data
Identity Management User management control with an embedded OAuth provider (e.g., KeyCloak)
Pluggable Consensus Customize the consensus mechanism (e.g. PoW, PBFT) of a network


How do I access my node?

After purchasing we will spin up your node and send you all the details you need to start using STRATO (usually within 2 – 48 hours).

How can I get help with my node?

There are a few ways to get help with your STRATO node:

  • Check out our developer docs for instructions, troubleshooting information and FAQs for STRATO
  • Explore the BlockApps forums for even more information. The BlockApps support team checks the forums daily!
  • If you need even more support, contact [email protected] to arrange a support package that fits your needs

When will I be charged?

Upon payment you will be charged immediately, but your license period won’t start until your node has been fully configured by our team (usually within 2 – 48 hours).

How do I cancel or upgrade my STRATO Plan?

To cancel or upgrade your plan, contact [email protected] and we will make your requested change ASAP (estimated 2 – 48 hours later).