As our customers have used BlockApps STRATO to build blockchain applications, one bit of feedback we have consistently heard from them is that they’d like a visualization of what their applications are doing. We believe that having a clear and comprehensive view into what your blockchain actually does is vital, and makes the business-case for building and utilizing them that much stronger.

The BlockApps STRATO Management Dashboard is a GUI which enables users to view the health of their network, manage users and accounts and easily upload and manage smart contracts.

If you’d like to give the BlockApps STRATO Management Dashboard a try you can follow the directions below and use our BlockApps Developer Edition along with the Getting Started Guide.



This Developer Trial Edition only works on Linux/MacOSX with Docker installed.
Install Docker on your machine:
Install docker-compose on your machine:

Go to and sign up for a developer account.

Once signed up you will receive an email with credentials to pull from our developer docker registry which will look something like this,

docker login -u -p

Next head over to

First you’ll need to clone the repo

git clone

Once cloned go into the directory

cd strato-getting-started

And then login to the docker registery

docker login -u -p

Now that you are logged in you can pull from the docker registry by simply running our setup script

chmod +x

After the images have pulled and setup complete you can navigate to http://localhost/

You should be able to see our STRATO management dashboard.

The dashboard is an overview of the state of your chain. You can easily see how many accounts have been created, how many contracts are deployed, and how many blocks have been mined, and transactions sent.

Each component has a summary view and then a detail view. In the example below we drill down into recent transactions and then specific transactions

Additionally you can create new accounts and assign them to a username and password.

Finally one of the features we’re most excited about is the ability to upload solidity contracts and view contract state, this is a new beta feature and contract imports do not yet work.

This is an early version of the software and we’d love feedback if something is hard to use or confusing, shout us out at [email protected]

-To the moon.