Document Manager


The STRATO Document Manager empowers businesses to share documents, track its versions, and verify the authenticity of each version in real-time. A tamper-proof record of all these events and more is stored on a STRATO blockchain ledger and managed using cutting-edge Private Chains.

Track & Trace


Track & Trace is a flexible asset tracking application built by BlockApps. Track & Trace makes it easy for all parties of a supply chain to view asset provenance and status in real time – greatly improving both operational efficiency and reporting capabilities.



MyEarth.Id team is working towards simplifying the process of identity validation and reducing identity thefts and frauds, thereby minimizing the cost of identity management. EarthId is an award winning GDPR compliant decentralized identity management platform, helping you drive data privacy, user consent and digital id verification.

Jitterbit for Blockchain Application Integration


Jitterbit is the fastest, simplest way to connect all the apps, devices, and data needed to run a modern digital business. Jitterbit in a Blockchain context is highly relevant, the business use cases are very wide. With Jitterbit, Blockchain is easier to use and because of the interface, Line of Businesses are empowered to get the data they need when the need it to fuel business innovation, without a heavy dependency on Development and or IT resources.



BlocWatch provides a comprehensive platform that enables users to monitor and manage their permissioned and unpermissioned blockchain implementations. The platform delivers visibility into both operational and security metrics. It offers customizable dashboards, intelligent automated alerting, and enterprise-ready auditability.

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