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Minuteman Capital is a patented way to let you BYOB: be your own bank. Users can buy/sell fractions of equity in any asset— such as their own homes. Buyers receive tax advantaged dividend payments, while sellers gain access to secured capital. This creates a scalable market for all that is backed by land and fueled by freedom.

Current Challenge

Up to 85% of the population struggles to buy real estate. Current investing processes typically cost lots of time, money, and sanity. Property investments—beyond one’s current residence—usually cost too much for ordinary folks. These ventures require high up-front minimums and utilize middlemen who take a significant cut in commission. Current loan practices present even more problems. Most institutions only offer loans to individuals with high credit scores. If approved, mortgages typically have expensive interest rates, making it difficult for investors to profit.

Product Overview

The People’s Platform is an application that gives investment power back to the people. Through blockchain-based ownership, members can buy and sell fractions of anything they want, removing the need for expensive processes. Large firms use multiple lenders, each of which has different knowledge about you and your goals. The People’s Platform uses only one known lender, eliminating the need to play catch up. Ultimately, the People’s Platform saves members from commission fees, paperwork preparation fees, and other fees that accompany property purchases.

Minuteman Capital built the People’s Platform on the blockchain. Because of this, users can capture the hash of each transaction. Hash provides detailed information about a transaction, including a detailed time stamp and viewership details. You can use this for recording purposes and simplifying the compliance reporting process. Its origin on the blockchain makes doing taxes easy.

The People’s Platform utilizes a KYC Wallet process to get to know their consumers before trading begins. Since legal restrictions clutter this industry, the People’s Platform has developed a streamlined Property Management process for consumers to register property and generate legal documents showing ownership.

Similar to dividends, users can withdraw a fixed-rate portion of proceeds in cash at any time. You can also leave profits in your account for a large withdrawal or to make additional investments.

More information on the overall ecosystem here.

Sign Up & Use

Signing up is easy. Buyers and sellers enter standard sign-up information about themselves on the website to begin the KYC Wallet process. Once registered, you can view all property offerings and purchase any available assets.

This platform enables you to buy ownership in multiple properties for your portfolio. If you change your mind, you can sell back ownership at any time. Once tax season arrives, our patented tools help investors prepare tax documents and other needed information. The People’s Platform has established purchase terms for each asset, but they allow negotiations for unique conditions.

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Key Benefits

  • Buy a fractional share of real estate to accommodate even the most modest budgets
  • Sell equity in your home quickly and without overhead costs
  • Asset ownership backed by real estate, instead of intangible or financially engineered assets
  • Ability to resell the share or receive monthly income from interest
  • No middlemen, so no commissions to pay


Pricing depends entirely upon the user’s personal preferences and desired outcomes.

Buyers decide how much they want to put into the People’s Platform. They can spend as little as $20 to buy a share of real estate. There is no upward limit. Returns depend on the individual’s financial characteristics and location of their property. These will be visible and open to negotiation.

Sellers can choose to sell as much as they like. The People’s Platform enables property owners to sell tranches of equity in any property they own, including their primary residence. Our platform allows sellers to pay for residential upgrades or renovations without going through the usual, costly loan process.

Supporting Documentation

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Key Differentiators

  • Patented technology based on blockchain
  • User-directed investing
  • Securely distributed ownership
  • Opportunity Zones that allow investors to benefit from tax advantages on land, buildings, and other assets
  • Instant and transparent transactions
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs) or management companies aren’t involved (so you keep all of your revenue)
  • Seamlessly transact across markets and with international currencies
  • Democratic ownership designed to benefit the many, not the few
  • No policy-driven devaluation or dilution which investors typically experience with stocks

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