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Minuteman Capital is a patented way to buy/sell equity in any asset including your home by becoming your own bank. Minuteman has listed equity fractions of $25k size portions of real estate properties in which you can purchase a portion of to receive a rent dividend. Tax savings and scalable marketplace for buyers and sellers.

Current Challenge

Why is it so difficult for 85% of the population to buy real estate?

  • High costs – Middleman
  • High up front minimums need 60k in cash etc
  • Confusing process
  • Loan needed – high credit score or expensive to borrow for some

Product Overview

  • Minuteman Capital is an application you can sign up for as a buyer to look at listed properties
  • The product is built on the blockchain so that the hash of the transaction can be captured for recording purposes and to simplify the compliance reporting/tax process
  • There is a KYC/Wallet Process
  • Property Management process for those registering their property and legal documents to show ownership
  • Distribution process to send Tokens back to the buyers for rent each month and an offboarding process to back to fiat


  • Just sign up for the customers and buyers and sellers
  • Large real estate organizations need to integrate with sales/legal/accounting systems
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Niche / Market

Key Benefits

  • Backed by a real tangible asset
  • ability to buy fractionally
  • Can resell and receive rent income
  • Lower cost of purchase by removing middleman


Standard Edition with 2-Endpoints starts at $21,000 annually.

Pricing increases based on additional features such as Additional Endpoint connections, API Management for publishing real-time API’s,
EDI ,and enterprise connectors for SAP and Oracle EBS.

Deployment cost vary based on requirements and number of integration flows to be implemented. Customers can self-implement, leverage Jitterbit or other partners.

Jitterbit can provide a Rough Order of Magnitude estimates for specific projects requirements. Average Project costs are 2-3X License cost.

Mist clients manage the solutions with less than 1- FTE annually. Jitterbit si sold only as an Annual SaaS Subscription and includes support and all updates

Supporting Documentation

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Key Differentiators

  • Tax Free O zones
  • Based on blockchain
  • No REIT or Management company taking % of revenue
  • User directed investing
  • Patented Tech 
  • Security Tokens
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