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VeriShare is a STRATO-powered document sharing and attesting platform. It allows organizations to safely share, verify and reconcile documents in real-time. VeriShare’s key purpose is the provide document authenticity. It ensures that the document an organization has created cannot be tampered with, and remains how they intended it to be.

Current Challenge

Sharing, verification, and reconciliation of sensitive documents between multiple parties has four major issues:

  1. Accessibility: Due to privacy risks, sending and receiving confidential documents using the current technology is not safe
  2. Trust: If there are multiple institutions involved in sharing of the documents, there needs to be a trust layer between them
  3. Cost: There are huge costs involved in document distribution services
  4. Time: The current process is manual and time-consuming, which substantially drains the organizations’ resources

Product Overview

VeriShare is an electronic document sharing and attesting platform that allows organizations to safely share, verify and reconcile documents in real-time.

It is a STRATO-powered system which:

  • Shares data on a need to know basis for the customer
  • Identifies the source of a document
  • Provides a complete audit trail of how the document was verified, thereby ensuring complete provenance tracking

The key functionalities of VeriShare include:

  • Hash generation of the document
  • Authentication of the document
  • Advanced searches
  • Cancellation of the document
  • Traceability of owners
  • Modification of the document
  • Transactionality of documents
  • Interoperability with any system through APIs

The core application suite can perform the following steps:

  • Upload: Uploading the document
  • Access: Document sharing on a need to know basis with access levels
  • Transfer: Transferring Document ownership
  • Attest: Verification and attestation of the document
  • Update: Updating or deleting the documents
  • Freeze: Freezing of documents - blocking unauthorized action on the document
  • Provenance: Getting the complete document track history and details

The other features of the application, including the OCR, language translation and more are available on-demand.


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Key Benefits

  • Immutability and a single version of truth for the documents
  • Easy conduction of confidential business communication 
  • Easy accessibility of un-alterable documents, based on selective transparency model
  • Best-in-class security that uses data encryption


Custom based on Number of parties, integration points, and transactions required

Supporting Documentation

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Key Differentiators

  • VeriShare leverages features of STRATO to create multiple accounts on a single node, which can significantly reduce the operating costs
  • Easy provenance of documents, which other mainstream solutions are unable to provide
  • Simple interface that other blockchain-based solutions are unable to provide
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