BlockApps is delighted to welcome Stan Dotson as a Senior Industry Advisor for Agribusiness and Ag ecosystems served by TraceHarvest.

Stan was responsible for launching & leading Bayer Crop Science’s blockchain strategy as VP of Digital Strategy and Transformation. His endeavors have become the framework for what is now the industry-wide TraceHarvest Network, powered by BlockApps.

Agriculture industry veteran

Stan is an experienced technology leader and mentor in digital agriculture. He has more than 30 years’ experience at Bayer Crop Sciences (via Monsanto) where he led key efforts to better engage their customers, create integrated products and services, modernize their technology platforms and execute breakthrough partnerships and acquisitions.

Most recently, as the Digital Transformation Lead on the Crop Strategy and Portfolio Management Leadership Team, Stan served as a catalyst to transform both Bayer and the Ag industry through his efforts to:

  • Develop and execute digital transformation strategies
  • Modernize technology infrastructure and establish digital platforms
  • Accelerate growth via precision Ag partnerships and acquisitions
Currently, Stan pursues his strong interest in shaping how agricultural companies can work within ecosystems activated by blockchain, IoT and geospatial technologies as to create greater value for their customers and enhance their ability to sustainably produce safe, nutritious and abundant food.

Stan has a B.S. in BioAgricultural Sciences from Colorado State University, a M.S. in Plant Breeding and a Ph.D. in Plant Genetics from the University of Minnesota. He is an author on 14 refereed publications and is an inventor on 23 issued patents and over 40 pending patent applications.

Guiding the roadmap for TraceHarvest

Stan’s deep industry knowledge and over 30 years of experience in roles driving technology, digital strategy and innovation will help guide the roadmap for the TraceHarvest Network. He is passionate about working creatively with teams who bring together business and technology to unlock transformative opportunities. As such, he will be available to advise upcoming network participants on how to best position their companies to get maximum value from the network.

TraceHarvest Network

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