World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit [POSTPONED]

BlockApps is thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to and learn from the insights produced at the 6th annual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco in March. The conference will focus on emerging and disruptive technology in agriculture, bringing together a uniquely qualified group of industry leaders to discuss the topic.

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ETHDenver Event Recap

BlockApps' Agriculture Expert, Sid Siefken, attended the 3rd annual ETHDenver event on February 14-16 in Colorado. Vitalik Buterin, and the governors of Colorado and Wyoming were in attendance to discuss the launch of ETH2 and applications to enterprise in Colorado, and around the world.

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2020 Trust In Food Symposium

BlockApps agriculture industry expert Sid Siefken is excited to join approximately 150 leaders from across the agri-food value chain convene to share success stories, identify opportunities and walk away with actionable information to continue helping farmers scale conservation agriculture and restore consumer trust in  the food system.

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Ag Innovation Showcase 2019

BlockApps is excited to attend the Ag innovation showcase and deepen our agricultural expertise and experience through the event's focus on health: the production of food (plant and animal nutrition and health), resource optimization (environmental health) and the consumption of food (human health and nutrition).

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The Agriculture Industry Could Benefit From Blockchain Technology

How can blockchain technology provide cost-savings for agriculture companies? Many of today’s agriculture businesses currently deploy different combinations of modern and antiquated technologies in an attempt to augment food safety standards and to authenticate their input purchases. Furthermore, it is estimated that poor food quality costs the agriculture industry $55.5 billion [...]

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BlockApps Leads Enterprise Blockchain Hackathon for Agricultural Ecosystem

BlockApps, the world’s first Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, is dedicated to expanding the enterprise blockchain space, offering trainings and demonstrations of blockchain use cases to a variety of businesses and industries.   BlockApps led a training workshop in St. Louis with agriculture industry leaders, showcasing how teams can use the BlockApps STRATO platform, to build, [...]

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