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BlocWatch provides a comprehensive platform that enables users to monitor and manage their permissioned and unpermissioned blockchain implementations.

The platform delivers visibility into both operational and security metrics. It offers customizable dashboards, intelligent automated alerting, and enterprise-ready auditability.

Current Challenge

Enterprises have already invested millions of dollars in developing blockchain applications and they have tens of millions of dollars riding on the performance of their blockchains.

However, enterprises face many threats beyond application performance. They face internal and external security threats, they need to fulfill compliance mandates and deliver complete auditability.

Performance, security, and compliance cannot be achieved or maintained without visibility and ongoing monitoring. BlocWatch provides the necessary tooling to manage your blockchain with 100’s of security and configuration checks, customizable and pre-built dashboards, automated alerting, and more.

Out of the box, enterprises are provided with the visibility and insight needed to ensure that their chain remains healthy, performs optimally, and is secure.

Product Overview

Our proprietary software is designed to monitor all activity on your platform; capturing events and transactions while exposing changes to performance, authorizations, and configurations. We will monitor, manage, validate, and alert you when your system requires attention. BlocWatch has the flexibility to create customizable alerting to fit any business need in order to drive day to day operations.

Customers define the criteria for what needs attention and BlocWatch creates and presents the reporting in a user-friendly format. This provides actionable insights based on best practices while incorporating the requirements of your business.

With real-time analytics, you will leverage data in motion to:

  • Stay up-to-date on all activities like latent transactions, contract usage, and validation speeds
  • Spot unusual transactions or activities before they evolve into significant issues
  • Identify and mitigate suspicious behavior like increases in failed transactions
  • Prevent malicious activities like hacking
  • Apply best practices

With historical analysis, you can leverage data at rest to:

  • View previous transaction characteristics
  • Segment transactions
  • Predict future events
  • Analyze trends
  • Detect fraud
  • Assess downtime and non-functional nodes
  • Create a record that an auditor can understand

Enterprises leveraging Fabric, Ethereum and Quorum chains are using BlocWatch tools.

Applications used in Supply Chain Management generate transactions which can readily be monitored by BlocWatch. Similarly, applications used to manage product recalls use BlocWatch to allow auditors to oversee correct functioning of the system.


All BlocWatch functionality is available out of the box; the only thing that needs to be customized is the connectivity to your blockchain environment.

We will install a BlocWatch agent into your environment that only has read-only access. The agent does not have the ability to alter or add any data. The agent will analyze all events and produce results in easy to understand graphs and text reports as soon as it is connected.

BlocWatch integrates out of the box with any Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum-based blockchain system.

Key Differentiators

BlocWatch offers a comprehensive solution that is tailored to enterprise monitoring requirements. Features that set our solution apart from others include:

  • Peer Statistics
  • Chain Data Search
  • Alerting over transactions
  • Alerting over configuration
  • Alert assignment workflow
  • Configuration views / history
  • Robust per node metrics
  • Endorser Statistics
  • Orderer Statistics
  • 100+ Best Practice checks
  • Daily change report
  • Daily summary report
  • Daily best practice summary report