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Clinical Trials Management

With the decentralized security of blockchain technology, Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) and pharmaceutical companies can radically improve both the quality and diversity of candidates selected for clinical trials.

Context & Challenges

For clinical trials, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) are responsible for managing the adjudication information of various trials, often at multiple clinical sites, all while preserving the anonymity of the trial patients.

This process is laden with heavy confusion and disagreement about the data being sent and received, often caused by the inability to determine the most recent and accurate clinical trial data.

This is why patient recruitment, retention and monitoring account for up to 30% of a clinical trial’s total cost.

Solution Benefits

  • Faster, reliable agreement on adjudication data
  • Fewer trials rejected due to paperwork issues
  • Stronger patient data protection
  • Improved trial efficiency and scale for clinical sites
  • Single source of truth for patient data
  • Reduced latency for transaction approval
  • Highly secure data storage
  • Compatible with HIPAA requirements
  • Real-time tracking capabilities
  • Highly API-extensible platform
  • Digitization of and automation of manual processes with smart contracts