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Energy Trade Settlement & Reconciliation

There is no “one-size fits all” approach for ETRMs and different systems suffer from an increasing lack of interoperability with both external partners and other internal systems.

As a result, energy traders and middle-office members find themselves in similar situation as before using an ETRM; manually matching data sets for settlement and reconciliation from an evolving list of inconsistent sources.

Learn how STRATO can bridge the gap of disparate ETRM systems to improve trade efficiency.

Context & Challenges

  • An accelerating lack of interoperability between energy trading systems is ballooning the cost of reconciliation and compliance
  • Next-generation business intelligence (BI) and automation capabilities are limited by a lack of shared standards, preventing top-line growth
  • A STRATO network uses blockchain to provide a single source of truth for energy trading data
  • STRATO’s unique RESTful API and SolidVM smart contracts facilitate greater interoperability standardization to unlock next-generation business intelligence and automation capabilities

Solution Benefits

  • Fast & accurate transaction data with customizable data flows
  • Real-time reflection of deals, trades, and transactions
  • Business-driven data privacy
  • Trade data visibility on STRATO is enforced by smart contracts
  • Highly privacy granular controls, limiting visibility to select organizations, roles, or even individuals