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Energy Trade Settlement & Reconciliation systems suffer an increasing lack of interoperability.

Context & Challenges

There is no “one-size fits all” approach for Energy Trade and Risk Management (ETRM), and different systems suffer from an increasing lack of interoperability with both external partners and other internal systems.

As a result, energy traders and middle-office members find themselves in similar situation as before using an ETRM — manually matching data sets for settlement and reconciliation from an evolving list of inconsistent sources.

There exists a clear need to bridge the gap of disparate ETRM systems to improve trade efficiency, including:

—  An accelerating lack of interoperability between energy trading systems is ballooning the cost of reconciliation and compliance

—  Next-generation business intelligence (BI) and automation capabilities are limited by a lack of shared standards, preventing top-line growth

STRATO Mercata bridges the gap of disparate ETRM systems to improve trade efficiency.

Solution Benefits

With STRATO Mercata, Energy Trade Settlement & Reconciliation provides the following benefits:

—  Fast & accurate transaction data with customizable data flows

—  Real-time reflection of deals, trades, and transactions

—  Business-driven data privacy

—  Trade data visibility enforced by smart contracts

—  Highly privacy granular controls, limiting visibility to select organizations, roles, or even individuals

—  Single source of truth for energy trading data

—  Greater interoperability standardization to unlock next-generation business intelligence and automation capabilities

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