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Fiber Optic Cable SCM

Discover the unique opportunity to use STRATO for Supply Chain Management of fiber optic cable – benefitting manufacturers, vendors, installation crews, and subcontractors that manage the web’s backbone.

Context & Challenges

Until now, asset management along the fiber supply chain has been done with inconsistent and unreliable sources of data, which results in a time-consuming process with no clear way to identify bottlenecks, automatically verify data, or address delays before they occur.

Managing current fiber-leasing agreements takes time, relying on manual processes to draft payment terms, confirm payment processing, and physically manager fiber cable. Tracking subcontractor agreements and issuing payments is an additional challenge for supply chain managers. With no verified source of truth to confirm agreements, verify inventory, and authenticate insurance claims, managers are faced with more manual tasks and ambiguous accountability along the supply chain.

  • Manufacturers: Delays & Rising Cost
  • Procurement Managers: Redundant/Multiple Processes
  • Installation Crews: Inventory Management & Data Security
  • Subcontractors: Heavy paperwork burden

In order to support the growing telecommunication needs of data centers, governments, businesses, private agencies, and the rising number of IoT devices, it’s crucial to build stronger fiber optic networks. But laying more physi- cal fiber cable is currently a tangled supply chain, with a variety of unique operations issues that require flexible processes, greater visibility, and verified trustworthy data.

Solution Benefits

BlockApps provides fiber infrastructure companies with greater visibility into the supply-chain.

Through the use of BlockApps STRATO RESTful API, managers can integrate their existing businesses’ SaaS platforms into the new blockchain environment and build flexible. smart contracts, enabling improved capacity planning and real-time logistics tracking.

The BlockApps solution provides an automated system for managing irrevocable agreements among vendors, subcontractors, agencies, and partners — as well as automating the invoicing and contract settlement process.

This creates an easier way for fiber vendors to assign RFPs, set payment terms on physical assets, manage subcontracting teams, all while retaining a trustworthy master work agreement on a blockchain.