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Genesis – Blockchain for Beef leverages BlockApps’ TraceHarvest Network blockchain platform to improve visibility into the health and story of animal products, from farm to table.


Context & Challenges

Historically, it has been challenging to track, organize and present data that validates production practices used in beef operations. Data on beef cattle is valuable for all supply chain participants — from ranchers, feedyards, and packers, to retailers and consumers. To date, the following challenges are faced:

  • Lack of means to prove production standards to satisfy industry and consumer demands
  • Lack of transparency in treatment practices, including vaccine protocols and antibiotic use
  • Fragmented supply chains make it difficult to share data with previous/subsequent parties throughout the production process.
  • Current data collection is separated from the individual animals as they flow through the supply chain decreasing validity of information and decreasing the value associated with the data

Solution Benefits

Blockchain technology enables producers to reliably track data from beginning to end, flow that data through the supply chain, and include third-party verification for continued validation of production practices. The nature of blockchain means that the data is contained in a decentralized network, making each participant the owner and manager of their data. Benefits include:

  • Achieve end-to-end supply chain transparency
  • Retain a full audit trail of production practices related to each individual animal
  • Provide validity to the consumer regarding premium labels — grass-fed, hormone-free, etc.
  • Each user controls which data is shared with other participants in the value chain
  • Complete datasets allow for better insights empowering ranchers, backgrounders, and other producers to maximize their production decisions

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