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Invoice Factoring Network

Product Overview

Factoring by BlockApps is an intuitive peer-to-peer book of record system designed to support factor partners with adjudicating invoice based factoring with lower risk and help business owners get paid faster. By connecting business owners and factor partners through the Mercata network, borrowing and financing businesses is more transparent, cost-effective, with lowered default risk.

Streamline the application process and unlock new deal flow in 5 simple steps:


Upload your factoring applications and convert them into smart contracts


Purchase receivables from qualified businesses


Pay up to 99% of invoice value based on agreed upon terms with business partners


Integrate your back-office processing workflow and automate updates on the status of invoices onto the blockchain for transparency


Retire invoices once they’re paid by customers and remit any outstanding payments back to business owners.

Unlock enterprise value through automation and transparency

  • Free KYC & KYB screening of potential business partners
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Free book of record ledger for factored invoices
  • Access a global network of businesses seeking financing
  • Offer competitive rates and financing terms to increase deal flow
  • End to end invoice and finance contract management

A market infrastructure to power transparent commerce and new deal flow

By joining the STRATO Mercata network, your organization will access new deal flow from a growing network of validated businesses looking to transparently transact. Using our business solutions, factoring partners speed up their process to finance and purchase assets as well as improve their business processes through a rich set of automation and integration tools. Filing UCC statements is sped up and easier to fulfill with reliable contract data between factoring partners and companies. One solution, powering a global marketplace of opportunities for your business.

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